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Scripthook V

  • All these problems will be fixed when the next SH is ready. I reminded the girls of this at the fair, not sure they believed me however. That dejected look - when you forget to backup your steam game files.

    alt text

  • @Starland There are more elicit ways to circumvent the patching system and Rockstar's or Steam's launchers in general. I only play offline and choose to use this method for that reason. The game will never update unless you restore access to the launcher. It will always boot directly into story mode at whatever version you have it updated to.

    Seek and you shall find.

  • @Dogamizer Absolutely no reason to play around with Steam configuration. Backing up is a staple of anyone with a PC, unfortunately very few people do backup (including the idiots who fall prey to ransomware). For this particular update only 1 file was required to copy and restore modded SP. Backups have saved me countless hours when something has gone wrong and restoring was much quicker and safer than troubleshooting some badly created mod. So cracking your version of the game is really not the right solution for Steam - for Epic, there are many users posting that they use bypass launchers without any issues.

  • @JohnFromGWN I have the 7 disc version of the game. I've always hated third party platforms like Steam or EGS or Rockstar's Social Club. They tend to get in the way a lot but I understand they are a necessary evil in today's gaming landscape. I don't usually condone outright piracy, but I do own the game and if a crack allows me to bypass completely these platforms then I will use it, if it serves my purpose. I know it's not for everyone, though.

    And I do keep backups of everything. Every update, every mod I use or have ever used, EVERYTHING. lol. My GTA5 backup drive sits at 159GB at the moment. If this community disappears tomorrow, or Rockstar's servers crash, I still have access to my fully modded game (albeit the last version before SH was updated).

  • @Dogamizer I fully agree with you. I hate all the platforms forced upon us - Steam, Epic, Ubiconnect etc. And I also agree if you paid for the game and you want to crack it to remove unnecessary garbage go for it although I would definitely not recommend this for the average user, not because of legal issues, but more because of malicious code that might elude an anti-virus (another reason to backup systems). Hell, even a script here, could have a timer that is set to delete data or system files because that can be done with VB.net, C#, C++ etc. So unless you reviewed the source code you could have a nasty surprise. Not being paranoid, just talking theoretically.
    P.S. In the old days it was common to install software allowing us to play without our CDs - eliminating the need for them in the drive, CD switching for some games, and also getting rid of that horrible humming sound as the CD whirred. Ofc the biggest benefit was speed - running off a HDD vs a CD drive. The first game I ever bought was the first Tomb Raider - and I eventually played it without the CD, on my HDD. It was wonderful.

  • @Dogamizer Hi, ya, i have the physical CD's, usually with classic games i try to get the CD's, like Secret weapons of the luftwaffe (actually floppys). heros of the 357th, twilight 2000, panzer general, etc... but your talking about just setting it to boot right into story mode? i think i enabled that at one time, then turned it off when i found the "do not update" setting in the settings... obviously that doesnt work.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Starland No. I'm talking about using a crack to bypass the launcher completely. It can be considered piracy if you don't own the game, so I won't tell anyone where to find it, but it's out there on the net. It completely ignores Rockstar's or Steam's or Epic's bullsh*t and just let's you play the single player game. No launchers and logins needed.

    I will say no more about this.

  • Hey guys and gals,
    I just dropped a solution that worked for me (finally) on AB's GTA5Mods scripthhook page.
    Forgot to mention, I use (EPIC) and Modding Launcher with OpenIV.
    All Mods working fine including textures I was working on.

    (some glitch/change with colour hud) but otherwise all good.

    • hope it helps for next time.

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