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How do I install a second GTA V for modding?

  • Yes I know this is another "How do I install another copy of GTA V for modding purpose thread" but I really want to know how do I install a second copy of GTA V just for modding.

    Since car mods are here, I decided to go full-on modding GTA V, from scripts to models. I want to install another copy of GTA V in my PC just for the sake of modding. I don't really want to use a mod manager because I don't want to launch the mod manager and remove the modded .rpf files and script mods just to play Online.

    If you guys know any method on installing a second copy of GTA V it would be helpful, thanks!

  • @JesonMile You could just copy you GTA folder "Grand Theft Auto V" and everytime you want to play with mods you just rename the original one to something like "Grand Theft Auto V Original" and the modded one to "Grand Theft Auto V".

    There was a Tool for that somewhere but i didnt got it working correctly and it messed up the paths for my GTA.


  • @JesonMile The only thing you will do with 2 version of GTA5 is use up disk space for nothing.
    The whole GTA5 modding process was created to support both versions - modded for SP and un modded for GTAO and SP.
    All you need to do, despite what you might read on other threads, is to rename dinput8.dll temporarily and GTA5 will completely ignore 100% of all your mods.
    If you find that annoying, create 2 powershell or command prompt batch files that will rename for you and then launch your desired choice.
    I use batch files like this myself, and even batch files that allow me to enable or disable mega mods for more stability.

    Actually I have 3 versions of GTA5, without really installing 3 versions - by having 2 dlcpack folders.

    1. Un modded GTA 5 by renaming dinput8.dll
    2. Modded GTA 5 with all my addons (I named it DlcpacksFull)
    3. Modded GTA 5 with only key addons for best performance (I named it DlcpacksLite)

    I switch between 2 and 3 simply by having a second dlcpacks folder with minimal addons - so very little disk space wasted.
    I just rename the one I want to play with as dlcpacks and that's it. Don't need to change dlclist.xml or any other files. Dlclist will not cause any system issues if an addon is listed but not installed (except if you refer to it in a script ofc).

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