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Script Hook V workaround - Thank me later.

  • Good Morning GTA V Community,

    I tried posting this up last night but couldn't create a thread thanks to the enforced time limit for new members...

    Long story short, sadly I had to reinstall the entirety of GTA V and lost my backup which meant I effectively screwed myself being unable to play the game without the new Script Hook V.

    I tried 'downgrading' but have had nothing but problems doing this.

    Well I stumbled across an old ASI Loader that works with RageHook, it may be old but from what I can see is working fine doing the job SHV would normally do.

    So far I've had the Simple Trainer V working alongside the updated 3.1.4 version of Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE.)

    All seems to work relatively well.

    Download link:-


    Good luck,

    Let me know if this works for you.



  • @Radman2307 Might be useful for some users who didn't backup. For those who did there are no issues. Also keep in mind that anyone scripting will need SHV given SHVDN2 and 3 depend on it as do NativeUI and LemonUI.

  • Yeah this is purely meant for people who messed up and didn't back up properly (guilty as charged.)

    Like I said it seems to work well as a temp solution in getting GTA V running with your favourite mods until SHV comes out.

    So far no issues.

  • @Radman2307 Good. Pretty sad however that most of the community depends on one person, AB, to update one file. Like I said before, if he disappears from the scene either someone will have to step in or tons of users will be flooding all forums crying that their modded SP game is gone for good. Or, they could backup a few files (only took 1 this update) and rest easy. When I see new DLC is coming, it's like "Ok, big deal. I don't play online. Go ahead Steam. I'm ready to restore my game"

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