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Hey, So I got a problem one that's pretty big for me

  • So what happened was that after I did some modding while trying to find good police cars for regular GTA 5 I kept having the textures of the cars be all green and shit so I finally gave up and uninstalled them after trying out many of them, at some point something happened and now the cops when they come after me will not like drive or something, the AI tries to drive but the car goes less than a foot and just sits there, and the cops in helicopters shoot at me but when they are on the ground they just aim at me and if I use the menyoo Fight Ped Task the ped just runs away screaming, and when I shoot at regular civs they don't do anything. The current menus I have installed is a Police Radio Player which just plays the in game radio sound effects, Menyoo, Script Hook V, and TrainerV. I don't have a clue what is causing this but if you can assist I would be very grateful and will give you a cookie.

  • Also I have already tried replaceing the Meta file for the mode folders I remembered that I edited and I already thought that it might have to do with scripthook v being outdated. I already uninstalled the ASI loaders and everything and the cops work fine. I also have no idea what could be breaking it other than scripthook and I have scouted all through the internet and nobody else has had this problem. I think it started after the update but im not sure

  • @TheVoid1324 SH won't cause any issues other than not loading. Is it possible your mods are outdated? In the comments section, are you sure nobody has this problem?

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