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I can't install vehicle mod.

  • I can't install vehicle mods, even a simple thing like this:
    move the "huracanevo" folder to "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks"
    then go to "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data" and put following line in your "dlclist.xml" file:

                        <Item> dlcpacks:/huracanevo/</Item>

    crash my gta to the startup.

    I have tried several mods, but it doesn't work, or it crashes or nothing happens,calling up the vehicle with the model name nothing happens.

    This is the ending of my dlclist.xml (the part with the additions / changes) this is where something crashes gta, the folders are okay, but if I add a line to dlclist.xml, it crashes.


    Some idea? I miss something?

  • @alebal Did you update?

  • Did you find a fix by any chance? I have the same problem: my game loads fine even with replaced mods installed through other paths in the gamefiles (after SH update). But all my Add-Ons that used the dlc list are not loaded into the game. No syntax problems or difference in names in the dlc list that's all correctf. I'm all out of options rn.

  • @georgio026 You are checking the dlclist in update.rpf in your MODS folder right?
    Reason I'm saying this is that OIV will warn you to update this file - which will overwrite your dlclist and ofc none of your addons will load.

  • Weird thing... but now work...

    yesterday i update, game and scripthook, and my game crash on startup. to convince game to work again i had to copy the original update.rpf in my mods folder, and now vehicles mods work...

    P.s. i had to rewrite my dlclist.xml

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