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How to Backup Update for next Update

  • So Since the GTA new update I wasn't able to play the game with the mods Script Hook Critical error.
    So my question is what files do I need to copy and save in order to continue to play when GTA Updates again.
    Thanks in advance..

  • @TyL3RAdAmZ The process might potentially change from update to update because it appears to have this time.

    In the past, and this is well documented here, a few files were identified as needing to be backed-up and restored. In reality, only 3 files are needed:

    TL;DR Steam Process
    From your GTA5 installation/root folder: GTA5.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe.
    From your Mods/Update folder: update.rpf

    That's it, that's all. Just those 3 files. Having said that, restoring GTA5.exe alone worked for this particular update. So the launcher wasn't required to change and update.rpf is not modified by the update so it didn't need to be restored either.

    Important to remember that the updates will only impact steam and game files, they will not delete any mod files or scripts etc.

    But what if the process changes next time? It's advisable, to be safe, to backup considerably more, not just for future updates.

    This is what I backup, personally, on 2 external usb drives and 1 HDD partition:

    1. All the GTA5 game executables in the root folder (obviously languageselect is not required, but it's so small)
    2. The current version of SH in case you need to revert back (this is the one that doesn't work with the update)
    3. Update.rpf from the MODs folder. This is absolutely critical because it has your editable data files such as dlclist.xml.
    4. My AddonPeds: I don't use the Method Mod and there is considerable customization here that I've done (texture changes etc). I have 2 folders for Addons, each with several (3 or more rpf files) for easier editing and storage.

    What you don't need to backup due to update but suggested:

    1. DLCPacks - update will not impact these but many might be customized by user. Also keep the downloaded mod archives as they have extras such as templates and options. They also have version information if you need to upgrade later. And finally, some authors remove them from this site, or all sites - so at least you have them if they disappear.
    2. Visual Studio scripts - has nothing to do with update ofc.
    3. Current versions of key files such as gameconfig, ped.meta (more than 1), and dlclist.xml even though these are included in update.rpf. It's sometimes easier and more current to just restore dlclist.xml than copy over an older update.rpf from backup for example.

    No need to backup files such as nativeui, lemonui, menyoo, SHVDN. However do backup menyoo maps, favs, outfits, etc and again this has nothing to do with the Update, it's just good backup practice. (or whatever trainer you use).

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