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Head replacements in 2021

  • Hi, I am exploring the idea of making a specific machinima project within GTA V. In order to achieve my idea, I will need to replace the heads of PEDS or some of the 3 main characters (just the 3D head models, no other features like body, clothes, animations, etc). I've found out Uraniom is perfect for my needs but I am not sure if it's still working (it seems the project was left few years ago in beta). If some of you guys is still using Uraniom to replace heads within GTA V Steam version, please confirm that it's working so I can simply purchase the game and start working on my idea.

    However, if my concerns regarding Uraniom are legit and it's not working as it should in 2021, then what's the easiest way to achieve my goal? I must mention that I do have the 3D head models that I need, and I also know my way around Blender. I saw there's a Blender addon that will let me import models from GTA V but there's no export option and I think the developers are busy with other work. I have absolutely no experience with 3DSMax however I saw there's a way to import/export models with it, so again, if that's the only available option I might consider it.

  • @quadcore Hi. Not to disillusion or discourage you but I don't think the level of expertise your looking for exists in the GTA5 modding community. I'm saying this only from personal experience having downloaded and installed well over 200 3D models (cars and peds). Invariably these are conversions from existing models, the majority ripped from other games (Forza etc). I have never seen an "original" ped or vehicle model. Not saying they don't exist, just that I've never run across one. The car models in particular are excellent conversions - but again they are not created from scratch. Changing head models would be a challenge - hell, can't even change clothes from one model to another.

    As for tools, not my area of knowledge, but they are using Zmodeler rather than Blender (which as you surmised has a plugin) or 3ds max or maya etc.

    As for Uraniom, have no idea what that project entails and never came across it doing GTA related searches.

  • @quadcore If you're using 3dsmax, you will need this mod or you can use zmodeler3, which you have to pay for. Either way, converting heads is not that difficult, there's already many head replacement mods on this site example 1, example 2, example 3. The quality of your mods will depend of how much time and effort you're willing put in.

  • Thank you for your prompt replies, @JohnFromGWN and @death7991 ! I know 3D Modeling is not the easiest thing out there (even if you have some basic knowledge), it's a whole universe that you need to dive into in order to get decent results. That's why I was hoping that I'll get some fresh info regarding Uraniom because it's literally exactly what I need, I simply need to replace the heads and Uraniom does exactly this with a few simple clicks as seen in these videos made between 2016 and 2020:


    I guess I'll wait a couple of days to try and get a reply regarding the status of Uraniom from a user that have GTA V purchased through Steam (I'm reading online this is crucial for Uraniom to work). If I don't get any reply, I guess I'll just buy the game and do the test myself and update the thread with my results.

  • @quadcore Unless money is an issue, I would strongly recommend you buy this game anyway. It is probably discounted on Steam at around $10 U.S.
    This is a AAA game, one of the highest rated in the history of gaming. Trust me you can't go wrong at 10 times that price, and no I don't work for R*.

    As for quality of models, that is very subjective. I've seen those head replacements and they make my point. Glitching, clipping, not working with the proper animations due to improper skeleton and/or rigging - doesn't make the cut for me. Almost all addons have some minor glitch, from sound to texture mapping.

    As for Uraniom, their website seems dead, no? Why not just signup, and download if still available. From your posting there are obviously users who have gone through this process, why not contact them directly?

    P.S. Don't expect too much with respect to a response here, the forum "experts" are inactive or long gone and Uraniom doesn't come up frequently if at all.


    Good luck though.

  • @quadcore P.S. Check the mods section as well. If you're lucky the authors might still be active and share their experience.
    Here is one mod i quickly found which was converted by Uraniom (see description, very bottom of page)


    Here is another one. This time looked at the pinned comment. Author explains process with Uraniom

    Seems I was wrong, seems to have used more frequently in the past - although the company seems long gone.

  • Thank you once again for your detailed replies, @JohnFromGWN
    I have a copy of the game purchased from Rockstar from a few years ago but I will most likely grab the Steam version as well just to check if Uraniom is indeed working or completely left behind by the developers. I will make sure to update the thread with whatever results I get, just so other people that might be wondering about it get some info about it in 2021.

  • @quadcore Sounds like a plan. Good luck.

  • @quadcore hey it's been 5 days since your last comment. So were you able to do that in Uraniom? if you have purchased steam version of GTA. Let me know

  • Hi, @scorpiosd7 , I still haven't had the time to sit down and get a Steam copy of the game but I am planning on doing this next week so I will make sure to give you a shoutout and update the thread with my results!

  • @quadcore @scorpiosd7
    Hello, I have been for days trying to change the heads of the players in gta V without results, I have bought the game at Epic Games and on Steam.
    Uraniom also does not work with GTA V from Steam, yesterday I bought the game on Steam and Uraniom was not responding, the Install button never appears. At the moment it is a waste of money.

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