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Game crashes when loading Story Mode with no error message

  • After waiting for ScriptHookV and F7YO's gameconfig to update for the Tuners DLC, I went to load into single player but I instantly got a Pack File error. This isn't the problem. I reinstalled all of the OIV Packages that I had. (IVPack, Vanillaworks Extended, and Dispatchworks). When I tried loading into story mode this time, I no longer got the Pack File error message but I ran into a new problem. After loading for about 15-20 seconds, It would freeze for half a second and force me back to the desktop. No error message at all. I've tried the different gameconfigs in F7YO's pack but that didn't work. I removed multiple mods including all map add-ons and that also didn't work. I have been trying to figure out this problem for 2 days now with no success and I can't find anything helpful online. So, Finally I'm asking for help from anyone who is experienced in figuring out problems like this because my knowledge for these things isn't the best. This is my first time posting to the forums but I hope to get help fairly soon......

  • @CybershadeSR sounds like the dlclist might be looking for something thats not there?

  • @Starland After looking in the dlclist, I did find 1 line for a mod that I removed while trying to fix this earlier. I deleted the line and started up the game again but I got the same problem so I don't think it's the dlclist.

  • @CybershadeSR I can't say Im havin the exact same problem as you, but my games doin the same shi rn after the update.. it loads into the main menu nd once I click story mode it loads for a lil bit then crashes.. ion kno how to fix it

  • @CybershadeSR The dlclist doesn't care if an addon is missing, it just skips over it - unless the syntax is wrong it won't cause any issues.

  • @CybershadeSR I can remember vanillaworks having some issue that needs to be fixed i dont know what tho there was a topic not to long ago. Do you have all necessary things installed for the gameconfig?


  • @CybershadeSR How about you try this?
    First rename dinput8.dll and see if game loads properly and is stable. This will disable all mods, trainers, scripts etc. Don't delete it, just rename it.

    If your game loads you know it is Mod related. If it doesn't load you need to do a verify integrity. This might sound as an extra step, but it's like checking if the toaster is plugged in - although we can be pretty sure the update broke your game.

    Ok, so your game now loads. You now have to rename dinput8.dll to its original name.

    Next step is to rename your mods folder (assuming you are using one) so that only asi files like your trainer load. If you are using a scripts folder you might want to rename it as well. Again, don't delete, just rename.

    If this works you are now confident it is an addon or replace (unless you have a corrupt save game file, which is unlikely).

    Next step would be to slowly move mods (not delete, not uninstall, just move) out of your mods folder. Cut and paste to a temp folder.
    You don't need to touch dlclist.

    If it doesn't work keep removing mods one by one or in small groups. If it does work, then starting adding back mods slowly. See if you can identify one or more specific mods which either cause the crash. Or it could be you have too many mods for your system to handle, even with an updated gameconfig, heap, pack, etc.

    P.S. You shouldn't have to reinstall most or any addons if you are using a mods folder after an update. That's the whole purpose of a mods folder. Generally speaking you just need to update your gameconfig, dlclist, and any other user edited files from that folder. If you kept a backup of the mods update.rpf that would be best to restore it.

  • interesting, i had mine crash before and i swear it was from missing files...

  • @Starland Were the missing files addons or game files?

    If I rename my dlcpacks folder, which will result in about 200 missing files based on the contents of dlclist.xml, my game will still load and run perfectly - but without any mods of course except those in the root directory (i.e. Menyoo).

  • @JohnFromGWN So after trying this, I came to the conclusion that it is definitely a mod that's causing this. And if what Zuraxo said was true, It is most likely Vanillaworks Extended. Strange considering installing all my OIV packages fixed my first issue.

  • @CybershadeSR Just rename that mod from Windows explorer and see if your game loads and runs with the other mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN Fa me in my dlclist it says patchday25.ng but im my dlcpacks folder tht item is no where to be found.. could tht be why my game is crashing?

  • @SurrealKid I don't think so. I have it in my game dlcpacks but not in my mods dlcpacks. The line in dlclist.xml should not make a difference, but just delete it and see if it helps.

  • @JohnFromGWN welp since I cant figure it out imma try uninstalling GTA

  • Hi there!

    Something similar happens to me. I have not updated the game, I avoid the launcher and I can play with mods. The problem is that I don't know why my game comes to the desktop after 15 or 30 minutes.

    I suspect that I have touched the graphics options, and although being stable in the FPS, maybe there is something that causes me to crash, I do not know but it frustrates me a lot.

    I repeat the game works perfectly at about 45 - 50 fps stable with my mods as always, but now after 30 minutes it goes to the desktop without error messages. Can this be caused by graphic options?

  • @SurrealKid Go for it. But if your game won't start with mods reinstalling won't help. There are now a dozen or so threads with issues in this forum. Check all the solutions such as updating your gameconfig and restoring your mods update.rpf if you backed it up.

  • @Fabito48hd If you didn't update then it's something you just added or did. Cause and effect. You can reset your graphic settings to default values if you played with them and then start over.Chances are you have too many addons, too many polygons, or too many poorly designed mods. Check and see if your game runs stable without any mods - to do this simply rename the file dinput8.dll to another name, any name. This will prevent all mods, asi's, scripts, etc from loading.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks friend!

    I must be honest with you, most of my mods are MLO (I have many and many houses installed). I don't use almost any mod that contain scripts as my pc slows down a lot.

    Thanks to a friend, I am beginning to suspect that my problem is coming from the memory of the graphics card. For this reason, although it works well, after a few minutes it closes. What do you think?

    I have increased the virtual memory and will test when I finish working.

  • @JohnFromGWN hmm I already updated my game config clothstore to 600, ion kno abt restoring the update.rpf cuz I didnt back it up

  • @JohnFromGWN oh my fucking god you were right... it WAS my game config, it was the OLDER version of it from the previous update... I had thought I'd changed but I figured it out tht I was running OIV in administrator nd you can't drag nd drop windows files in admininstrator mode.. I feel like a moron.. thanks for ya help dawg.

  • @SurrealKid Happy you fixed it.

  • @Fabito48hd Good luck, but if everything else is working, other games etc then it's not your graphics card and the issues you describe are lived daily by GTA5 users with modded games. If I had a dollar for every time a mod caused problems I would be very rich.

  • @JohnFromGWN So after removing the Vanillaworks Extended Pack, my game works fine again. I hope this pack gets fixed soon. Vanillaworks Extended is made up of 3 smaller packs (Required, Optional, and Scenario). I thought of only running with one of those packs at a time. Surprisingly, running the game with only the Required pack actually worked. After I ran the game with the Required and Optional pack, I was able to load in but it crashed after about 5-10 minutes. The only thing that crashes my game while on the loading screen is the Scenario pack.

  • @JohnFromGWN I do not play any other games, I am an old person and very selective hhaahhaa, thanks for all my friend

  • i was crashing my new game version by modding the dispatch.meta file and putting to many vehicle varieties in the settings.

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