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How can i fix the ERR_GFX_D3D-INIT error?

  • Ok so recently I've been trying to start to mod GTA 5, so far I've been able to only have simple trainer and that's it. However I've been recently been encountering this error known as ERR_GFX_D3D_INIT in the game and periodically my game will crash within 5 minutes, to 10 to even 30 minutes in the game. The crashing has been inconsistent to i do not know what is the issue here. I've been researching this error for about a week now trying to fix and I've done everything from updating my game drivers, to verifying the game files and eventually actually reinstalling the game to make sure. I deleted Menyoo, Scripthook and OpenIV and played the game unmodded to see if maybe the mods had something to do with it which turned out not to be the problem. It still crashed when I played SP and online (Same error). My game is not overclocked and I've never overclocked it. I disabled the NVidia overlay to see if it was interrupting it. Not the problem. I disabled the tessellation graphics setting and played it on borderless. Still nothing. The only methods I haven't tried are all related to DirectX, so I figured that is what the problem is. I normally play on Direct11 but I tried with direct 10.1 and direct10. Still nothing. I even changed the DX value in the game files to 0. Since it helped others with their issue. Still no resolve. All it points down now to are the actual DirectX files the game uses. I know nothing about DirectX and what it does. The only method I have done is to delete and replace the DirectX files with new ones since they may be outdated or corrupted which might cause my issue. But I do not know how to delete or download them and I feel like I could mess something up big. Please if someone can help I would very very much appreciate it.

  • @Fizzo said in How can i fix the ERR_GFX_D3D-INIT error?:


    Not familiar with this error. Have you updated your video drivers?
    Found this video but have not watched it.

  • I did and I done a whole bunch of other methods I just mentioned above. I’ve done the whole lot except one which is to uninstall Microsoft visual c++ and replace it with a fresh download but I know nothing about Microsoft visual c++ and I feel like if I mess something up I could have something a lot worse than this error.

    UPDATE: I've deleted the DirectX dll files in the game's directory. Was hoping this would solve the problem since I know for certain this isn't a hardware issue. It didn't solve the error unfortunately. I don't know if it's useful or not but I realized the pattern here. It crashes every 15 minutes into the game or so when playing. I even tried it in online and it was crashed with the same error.

  • I'm pretty sure i used to get this problem, IIRC its related to, I think, graphic settings being too high. I cant remember how exactly i solved it, it was either turning down the graphic settings in the in-game menu, or through editing the settings file manually (located in documents folder) or both i guess. I think I turned down some of the LOD settings

  • @Fizzo All I can add is update your video drivers and do a clean uninstalll and reinstall. Reinstalling normally does nothing - doesn't fix this type of issue. However, you have played with too many variables so troubleshooting will be a nightmare - better to start from scratch. Make sure your saved game is deleted (back it up) in case it is corrupt. Backup mods and then delete your mods folder, scripts, and all asi files and dlls not from the game.

    When you restart, start with a new game and default values for all graphics. Good luck and let us know.

  • @MortlockZ I have an rtx 3070 and a AMD ryzen 9 3900x processor. If it were graphics related issue I’ve would’ve gotten it before. I doubt it’s the graphics that cause the issue

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN I'll try that rn ill let you know if I get any results

  • @Fizzo Why ask for help if you're not going consider trying something that is suggested? It doesn't matter what you got the crash is your graphics drivers crashing, which causes this error message in GTA V. You can see in the Events menu after the crash happens and see that your graphics drivers just crashed and re-initiated.

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