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I have to wait for the scripthookdotnet update, right?

  • After this GTA5 online tuner update, I updated addon files, trainer files, and other files, but failed to load them into story mode.
    I found out that some users are waiting for an update on the scripthookdotnet files, and I'm not the only one waiting for an update on scripthookdotnet, am I?

  • @Versace_Koz Where did you see this? All my scripts are running. Are you sure you don't mean SHV?

    If so, it's here:

    Edit: Sorry for any confusion I may have caused from another thread. When I asked if you had SHVDN installed it's not because of a pending update, it's because it uses F4 by default - the same key used by your mod - so I was thinking possible conflict.

  • The same thing happened to me, I did tests moving mods and I realized that what was causing the problem was open iv.

  • @derekzgz I'm really curious. How did OpenIV keep your game from loading? It only does what you tell it to do, how you edit the files is what causes issues.

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