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Changed .ytd files to be extracted as photoshop

  • How can i change it back to a .ytd file

  • sorry for clothes not texturs

  • @KURUPT187 Not sure I understand your question, clothes are textures.
    If you have a texture, as a .dds file, that you want to put in a .ytd file you can do that with OpenIV, Texture Toolkit, or Codewalker RPF.
    You do an import and then you save.

  • @JohnFromGWN So what i am saying is, When i use to pull a file from openIV to edit it, It would save as a uni.ytd now it saving as as a photo shop file, i clicked as save allways as photoshop now i dont know how to change it back.

  • @KURUPT187 Got it. I don't understand how you did that in the first place because I don't have any option for Photoshop or any thing else for that matter when I extract a ytd file from OpenIV - only where do I want to save.

    So if I have this right this is a Windows file association issue. If you put a ytd file on your desktop and right click it, the context menu that appears should say Open With at the very top.

    Click Open With and then more apps and select OpenIV. That should clear your Photoshop file association.

    If I have your issue wrong, please explain how you did save as Photoshop originally.

  • It sounds like you are just saving your documents as the default psd file that photoshop, and only photoshop, can read. Save as a png and it will work. You simply drag and drop the png file into the openiv ytd and openiv will do the dds conversion for you

  • @ItsJustCurtis In his post he's not talking about the texture files, he's talking about ytd files when extracted becoming .psd files.

    This is now clear to me given OpenIV does not offer an option for .psd as an export. OpenIV will not offer .psd to extract a texture, and will not offer any options if you extract the full .ytd file or export to open formats.

    What he is describing is that when he extracts a .ytd from OpenIV and saves it (to his desktop for example), the file is now .psd, or at least the extension is now .psd.

    I don't understand how that can happen unless he created a file association between ytd and Photoshop.

    I doubt the file is .psd, probably still .ytd and if renamed to .ytd would be editable.

    Have no idea how this issue was created by OpenIV unless it was Windows:
    Edit or Open, Windows ask how, User says Photoshop, WIndows asks "always use this app", User says Yes. - You now have a file association for ytd with Photoshop.

    Overall this doesn't make any sense to me. OpenIV does have file associations in its Options, but this has nothing to do with Photoshop and it is only mean to associate a file type with OpenIV, not with any other software. Similarly, there is no option to save textures as psd

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