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Simple trainer, disabled slots?

  • Bro what in the holy mother above am i doing wrong? I saw a reply saying check the note pad called trainerv and its looks like some satanic signs its all gibberish and i cant find that crappy 1-0 thing. I am getting pretty mad since like everything i do goes wrong in some way or another. Could you please reply if you or find a video every-time i search up how to fix it just brings up a completely different topic and i am getting frustrated.

  • @Noob54321 lol. that's called a binary file and you don't open them with notepad. Not enough info to help you.

  • Not sure what exactly you're asking for, but if you're looking for the settings file, you'll want to open the .ini not the .asi. The .ini file looks similar to the .asi file, but it has a little cog in the icon. Just double click that for the settings.

  • @MRDotted i prefer the satanic signs explanation

  • @JohnFromGWN he's probably talking about the asi file

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