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Why are Modders bad? re Online

  • Hey, I'm confused. I love this page and all the Mods and I thought, Modders in general.

    After my first venture into online GTAV, it is obvious some are using advantage and are referred to as 'Modders'
    The mere mention of My sp Mod, got me some abuse, even after explanation, of SP offline only.
    I thought the reason we need scripthook was to Mod offline (SP or story mode) and even then, if I accidently going online I get a warning.

    How are people modding online? (in race, missing checkpoints, but still beating me) = cheating and trying to spoil the fun.

    ps; I don't want to be them, but why are they, called modders?
    I have heard the term 'Griefers' and that makes more sense. But how do they get away with it?

    Just interested.

  • because they have mod menu's that bypass the normal checks. They're still modding the game, hence, modders.

    They get away with it because new menus get developed faster than Rockstar can shut them down. Now they've managed to manipulate the games code to the point where they can find any lobby that you as an individual are playing, and either join you, or pull you out and put you in their lobby, they're pretty much untouchable.

  • @Rambosmother The key to online modding is process injection but I can't give more info on how it works don't know because rules but give it a search.


  • When I first started modding with GTA5, I posted a question on Steam forums regarding Menyoo and using the word "mod".
    I instantly got about 10 replies that simply said "reported" as in you have been reported to the Steam Police as a cheater who must have his account banned - even though I don't play GTAO.

    I almost died laughing and finally one person replied something to the effect "You are all ignorant morons" and that was the end of the threats.

  • Thanks ALL
    Tried ignoring them, as 'attention seekers'
    Tried calling them out and worked on a couple - even got offered a lift, lol
    Successfully embarrassed 4 in one session, with might I say, some of the best driving I've seen, lol.

    Thanks to the Magnificent Alexander Blade, Went back to SP and damn, my car is faster than almost anything online.
    Big shoutout to the good Modders here - special mention to 'the gear ratio' Man/Woman and I love my speedo.

    Thanks again
    Love the page and all 'the good' modders - cheers

  • @Rambosmother yeah the ikt guy... i've three of his mods installed. really game changing

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