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attachments/magazines missing

  • Weapon magazines and attachments aren't showed, neither can I spawn them and weapons in the shop aren't visible

  • @Kappa be more specific... like DLC/Online Only weapons? If that's the case you will need a trainer to spawn them.

  • Every ranged weapon with a magazine or attachment is missing them. I've tried to spawn them via trainerV and enhanced native but they still don't show up also sniper rifle zoom is bugged but I don't care about that

  • @Kappa That's weird. Are they in your games files?

  • @Kappa So basically all your sniper rifles are missing magazines, suppressors (if they have them) and scopes?

  • yeah, Im using the "mod" folder and it's all copied including patchdayng8 and 3, I will try copy all those patchdays to the mod folder and report back

  • @Kappa Yeah... you need to copy the entire update folder (the one with the x64 folder and update.rpf), with everything in them including all the patchday folders, as some weapons might be in patchdayng2, etc. Basically I believe that you need all your dlc folders, not just a few.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 said in attachments/magazines missing:

    @Kappa So basically all your sniper rifles are missing magazines, suppressors (if they have them) and scopes?

    Every weapon is missing it's attachmants/magazines. I've tried using diffrent gun and magazine models, the gun does look diffrent but it still doesn`t have any magazines/attachments and I can't add them

  • @Kappa Did you copy the ENTIRE update folder with ALL of the dlc folders? that includes EVERY patchday folder. They're might be some .meta's missing in the update.rpf that is inside the update folder.

  • Yeah, I've copied the whole update folder including all the patchdays and so on but still no effect :/

  • Fixed it by replacing a proper weaponcomponents.meta

  • @Kappa that would do it.

  • I have this issue during cut scenes. No modded weapons either. Started happening after title update 1.34. Anyone know what would fix this? Ive been trying everything even contacting Rockstar.

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