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openiv issues?

  • im new to modding. got to playing with scripthookv files and I got it going perfect. tried to move up to openiv and world of variety/ gta redux. but the game closes out to my desktop screen after I press story mode. I've uninstalled gta5 and everything else 3 times and started over. same thing everytime. what am I doing wrong that the youtube vids aren't telling me?

  • @kastro152 World of Variety is out of date, needs to be updated - You can still use it by using a up to date gameconfig.

  • and the heap adjuster? I just put both of them into the gta5 root folder right?

  • and is redux easier to install? all of this except the scripts have been kicking my ass. and I just added the help adjuster and the game configuration folder to the gta root file still no luck

  • @kastro152 Ditch Redux, its just stolen mods in one.

    The gameconfig goes into mods > update > update.rpf > common > data and heapadjuster goes into the main directory.

  • @kastro152 NVR (Natural Vision Remastered) is a better free alternative to Redux google it im sure it will come up somewhere as they took it down from here.


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