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Visual Studio - 4 useful tips

  • I created a personal menu with LemonUI which has several thousand lines of codes and 22 separate .cs files. If anyone is interested, here are 4 tips which are very useful to manage a GTA5 script this large.

    1. Organize your code in sections using multiple .cs files, for example some for Ped categories, some for Vehicle brands or types, one for tasks, etc.. Use Add Class to add a .cs file.
      Then add this code the partial keyword to each sheet (each .cs tab). For example:
      public partial class Basics : Script

    2. Remove extra spaces in your code. For example____ if_____ you _____ have____ something like this. I'm using underscore as a substitute for spaces since the forum removes them.
      Edit==>Advanced==>Delete Horizontal White Space

    3. Remove empty lines/blank lines. This is a little different.
      From the Replace box enter ^(\s)*$\n
      Leave the replace box empty, check 'Use Regular Expression' , click on 'Replace All' button

    4. To have your code properly formatted, to look pretty and readable:
      Edit==>Advanced==>Format Selection or Format Document

    Make sure to backup before experimenting.

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