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I cant add any more vehicles or else the game crashes.

  • After this new gta5 update, theres a limit to how many add on cars I can have. I have a 200 car replace pack and like 15 add on cars. If I add another car it crashes on the loading screen without an error message. If i remove the add on from dlclist.xml it loads and doesnt crash. If I delete one of my old add on cars, then I can add a new add on car and it works. So theres obviously some sort of limit. There are lots of people that have more add on cars than me so I dont understand what the issue is. Does anybody know what I need to do to extend this limit?

    Also, in menyoo, the new cars that were added in the update will work for like 3 seconds and then just despawn. All of the cars that were changed in the update do this too. Including the slamvan, gauntlet classic custom, drift Yosemite. It spawns, let's you drive for about 3 seconds and then just disappears. How do I fix this? Everything else in menyoo works fine.

  • @WGotch07 there was no limit before this new update. I dont have any new mods, all the same mods that were working on the previous version of gta5. I dont want to get rid of the replace pack. I guess I'll just delete some of the add on cars that I dont like as much.

  • There is definitely a limit - but not an official one - it's what your system can handle.
    From my own experience, just personal, it isn't just about numbers - it's about quality, polygons, and conflicts.

    Some mods (scripts and asi for example) don't play well with other scripts, some mods are total garbage, some mods have way too many polygons, and maps and mlo's can be huge as well.

    At some point, I guess, you need to ask yourself how many car replaces do you really need because even on a powerful rig it will eventually crash.

    Other than that, update your gameconfig and heap adjust, check your dlclist.xml for errors, and the ususal suspects.

  • I had the problem with the game crashing after an exact number of lines that were added into the dlclist, if your configuration and heap adjuster values are fine then get packfile limit adjuster, packfile isnt needed unless you have that specific problem, about the deletion of certain vehicles to my knowledge the newest update is weird with Menyoo but i havent seen anything on my end yet, id recommend getting another mod menu like Rampage.

  • @Ethical Absolutely no issues with Menyoo, not the fork, the older Mapins version. Spawns new DLC without any issues.

  • It could also be the replacement mod, however i wouldnt know as i dont use replace mods, i have been told that if you have too many vehicles that are replaced it can cause crashes.

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