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I can't add more vehicles otherwise my game crash

  • @MONKKIII God no! I only have x64v.rpf.

  • @MONKKIII Sorry to hear that. Very strange. Make sure you don't have both versions running together. I hope you have better luck with Steam but I don't think that's your problem, same game, different launchers.

  • @JohnFromGWN so mhh with steam the problem is still here , i don't know what to do, my main file is the same as you.

  • @MONKKIII steam and epic are still the same game, so not really a surprise. The only thing i can suggest, again unfortunately, is you delete every single asi file and mod dlls and start over. Same goes for your mods and update.rpf.

    Create your mods folder with update.rpf etc, reinstall openiv and scripthook and the trainer of your choice. You dont need native trainer. Then install one by one, running your game after each new addon or mission or script or enb until you identify what's breaking your game.

    Its also advisable to read the comments section on each mod page to identify possible issues from other users as well as conflicts with other mods that are reported. Remember that mods are not tested when they are uploaded.

  • @MONKKIII no you don't have to put all the x64.rpf that was in the main folder, you only need to copy the one you want to modify. For example : I only copy x64e.rpf to replace cars

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