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Mods Crashing - Quality vs Quantity

  • I just checked and I have 168 addon folders. Some of these are combined dlcpacks, some are grouped in subfolders and all my peds are in 2x3 packs (so not in the 168 count).

    In terms of models I have well over 200 cars installed and about 120 to 130 ped models. Almost all are addons, very little replaces. I also have RCA and Forests installed. Forests can suck up FPS.

    So can a game run stable with over 300 addons on a "mid range" rig (32 gb ram, 8GB Vram). I did some tests and confirmed that some models can crash my game in 15 minutes while well designed, properly "polygoned" models will not crash the game at all.

    In this video I can maintain 50+ FPS, slight drop through the redwoods without crashing or noticeable stutter (my monitor refresh rate tops at 60 which tops my FPS at about 62). With bad models FPS quickly drops to 30 or less, a signal the end is imminent. All my graphics settings are set to the Max, including MSAA.

    Conclusion: sure quantity of addons impacts stability, but it's the quality of the models that will really influence if your game session runs rock solid or dies after 15 minutes.

    P.S. I also have the (almost) 2GB nordschleife track but it is disabled (rename folder) by default.

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