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How to play modded GTA 5 with Rockstar game launcher

  • I've been looking for about 3 hours now, researching how to play this damn game with mods with Rockstar game launcher people say to download this mod but not only does the mod not work it's a virus, I've tried downloading the RAGE plugin but it's now outdated, is it even possible to get this game working in 2021 with mods? I'm actually losing my sanity if somebody could please inform me how to do so I would really appreciate it.

  • @Beyond-5D You'll need OpenIV, Script Hook V and Script Hook V dot Net (for other script mods like .dlls)


  • @Beyond- sounds like you really got your info from the wrong people, including a virus? Yes, the game can be modded, you can add 500 if you want.
    You will need to install the 3 files, particularly the first 2, as @Zuraxo wrote, following the instructions carefully.
    You will need to create a mods folder as well. Again, follow the instructions with each Mod you download. Shout if you need help.


    Or go directly to

  • @Zuraxo I think the issue is more about how all these parts work together. :)

  • @Zuraxo This is actually the exact tutorial I was following, but I am using the Rockstar game launcher and when I launch he game it just loads my unmodded version
    @Zuraxo Already tried that

  • @Beyond-5D Are you sure you selected the asi loader in OpenIV (its a must) and installed mods into the mods folder? If it loads the standard game I'm sure something along this doesn't work.

    You have to create a mods folder and copy the game files in the mods folder after installing the asi loader

    Files to copy:

    X64 (folder)
    Update (folder)
    All x64.rpfs

    Script mods go into the root directory of gta or in the scripts folder

    Root directory: .asi and attached dlls (if they have one don't forget the settings file .ini and .xml or whatever)

    Scripts folder: .dlls .cs .lua


  • Actually you don't need all those files. I'll post a video.

  • @Zuraxo I know how to install mods I'm not an idiot all I need to find out is how to load the standard game without the rockstar launcher, and yes I have confirmed multiple times that I have in fact installed ASI loader and have a mods folder in the game directory

  • @JohnFromGWN Thats true i just say it that way because its user friendly and quick I don't have them all either nice video btw mate keep it up :thumbsup_tone3:


  • @Beyond-5D Your post now says without the launcher?
    Are you trying to run with or without?
    P.S. Nobody called you an idiot but it is your fault the game is not working.
    I've broken my game dozens and dozens of times and it was 100% my fault - my own mistakes, usually something trivial, just careless - attention to detail is critical here because the slightest mistake can result in a game no longer working and error messages and log files are often totally useless.

    Start from scratch. Assuming you have Open IV with its components and at least Scripthook and dinput8.dll.
    Now create your mods folder, and add one mod only.
    Install the mod as per instructions (should be in your dlcpacks 99% of the time) and update dlclist.xml. Once you are used to this, you will never need instructions again.

    If that doesn't work read the thread i posted and watch the 2 new videos I put.

  • I'm using the rockstar launcher but I want to load the game without it, that's what I mean by the title

  • @JohnFromGWN @Zuraxo also could we talk on Discord instead I have a feeling this may take a while if we are going to talk here. Beyond 5D#4305

  • Nvm I figured out how to do it by myself since all of you just went off-topic and didn't even understand what the problem was.

    To anybody else having this problem in the future download the 1.0 version of the mod "No_GTAVLauncher" by "LS-Multiplayer Team" and just put it in the game directory

    (Don't download 2.0 not only does it not work it's also a virus)

  • @Beyond-5D Read your subject line, where does it say WITHOUT?

  • We have just been helping on Information that was given to us nothing else mate


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