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[MAP] FS2020 Map Mods

  • Is it possible to rip the map of Flight Simulator 2020, since it’s compatible with DirectX11?

    If it is, could we please get them as map mods for GTA V. It would be nice to drive around 1:1 scale versions of real life cities(New York, LA, London, etc.) Even if we get them separately as I know the game might have some map limits.

    It would also be cool to add some interiors(houses, apartments, clubs, train stations) for gameplay purposes and machinima.

  • Fun fact, Flight Simulator 2020 stores their maps in the cloud because of its size; 2.5 Petabyte.
    I guess that also anwsers your question.

  • yeah bro its possible but flight simulator map is huge letrally huge and fs map is so heavy.

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