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Crash on loading screen when i install wov, etc.

  • I've been trying to get my game to work for two days now with no luck. i looked up everything and tried it all. I install world of variety with openiv and when i open my game the loading screen freezes when its about to load in and crashes. i have a game config and everything i need and i follow the instructions to a tee. The only things i have right now are a replacement car pack and N3ON's vibrant and natural light. Everything is up to date and i disabled automatic updates in the rockstar games launcher for GTA V. I'm completely lost at this point.

  • @I5I0 WOV hasn't been updated for the new version yet. It won't work on the current patch. You will either need to revert your game back to the older version or play without it.

  • Oh okay, thank you. But does that mean all the other mods I’ve installed need to be updated too? I tried a lot one by one and it either crashed on the loading screen or crashed 5-15 minutes into the game.

  • @I5I0 It depends on what mods you have. Some mods need to be updated every time the game updates, other mods can be the same for years without any problems. Given your description of the state of your game, I think you might need to wait for them to update.

  • Could you recommend some to try? Nearly everything I find on the webisite either crashes or just won’t work. I’m fairly new to gta modding and all the mods I see in YouTube videos and things like that won’t work and I don’t know what to search for on the website either in regards to how I want the game to behave or play.

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