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How to create addon vehicle from replace mod.

  • I don't use any mod tools, scripts, or templates because I prefer to learn how things work rather than have other people do it for me. I certainly don't have the knowledge/skills to create my own UI, but I did create my own personal trainer with LemonUI. I also have my own addon ped process (adapted from ReNNie) which is all manual (no scripts) and allows me to have multiple addonped folders each with multiple .rpfs:- perfect for organizing and I spawn all mods with C# so no issues with that apparently problematic addonped loader.

    My current project is how to convert a replacement vehicle to an addon without using templates, mods, or tutorials. I'm doing this purely by looking at vehicle mods I have installed. In doing this I've noticed there is some standardization but lots of variations and no identifiable "best practices". Hardest part seems to locate information for your car from carvariations, handling, and vehicles, etc.

    So if you're like me and want to do it yourself to learn and grow, you can follow along.

    Part 1 - Setup Folder Structure

    In a first part I will create the most basic folder structure I could find. I will be converting a Shelby Cobra Daytona replacing the JB700 into an addon (this will allow me to keep the JB700 although I don't use vanilla cars). I renamed the model and texture files as CobraDaytona and kept the folder name the same for consistency only.

    In the next section/video, I will create the content, setup2, and data files - again using existing addons as my guide and locating the specific model information using OpenIV search.

    I know I'll make mistakes in the process and I'm sure this process won't be optimal, but I hope to learn lots!

    Watch on youtube, fullscreen, HD for best quality.

  • Part 2 - Content.xml and Setup2.xml

    In this 2nd short video we take 2 files from an installed vehicle addon, extract them to our desktop, edit them to reflect our new model name, and import them (drag em!) back into OpenIV.

    The next steps will be where the fun starts. Again, Youtube and HD (1080, not 720) and Full Screen.

  • I realized I'm working without a script, so any mistakes in any steps and it's over.
    So I created Handling and Vehicles and edited content just to see how this progressing.
    Not there yet, but so far the steps seem to be leading us in the right direction.
    Taking a break, will post more later.

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