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problem adding mod menus

  • hey im super new to modding and pc for that matter and have had trouble getting my menu to work ive added script hook v,cummunity script , simple trainer and menyoo. but when doing that it said there was some duplicate files that i replaced. was i wrong in doing so and now it wont work or just some other issue?

  • @CrooKzDr what do you mean by duplicate file message? From windows when you copy? I imagine that could happen with OpenIV and SH5 since they both have dinput8.

    Do you really need 2 trainers? Delete simple trainer and native trainer if you installed it with SH and try just menyoo.

  • like it was saying it had two of the same files going into the game and so i replaced the one and got rid of the other , but now cant get any menus to show in game. im super new so i dont really know what i need and dont i just watched a youtube video, ao if i just try menyoo should i delete the one i added everything to and use my backup file?

  • @CrooKzDr don't understand what you mean by 2 files, what are the names of the files, and i dont understand what you mean by a menu, the trainer menu or the game menu?

    And you will not lose any addons by deleting a trainer, only loss will be preferences fot that menu and saved maps etc.

  • i Figured it out! i have menyoo and simple trainer working and im enjoying it thank you for trying to help!

  • @CrooKzDr im glad. Enjoy

  • oh i am lol, but i have another unrelated question i thought id try and ask you. i have openiv installed but now it says my game folder doesnt contain GTAIV.exe, but even my backup copy doesnt seem to have it, but i was able to use openiv when i first had installed it. what should i do just delete openiv? im trying to go online..

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