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game crash while using menyoo

  • Hi, i've got a problem. When I'm using menyoo object spooner to create a map my game crashes after a few minutes, the window turns black and it closes itself without giving any message or error. I thought it was because of the new update from Map Builder Mod made by OmegaKingMods so I uninstalled it, even though my game never had any problem with this mod. Anyway, it still didn't work, my game is clean, I don't have any mods besides menyoo. How can I make this work?

  • @ricrickyboy my guess is the problem is with the object or objects you are trying to save. Have you tried just a simple save without any spooner spawns? As in start game, save map, load map? Also do you have the latest version of menyoo installed?

  • @JohnFromGWN if I'm not spawning any object my game works fine, it doesn't crash. I used to create some maps and never had a problem. Lately I wanted to create maps again and everything is fine for a few minutes, but after the game crashes and I don't understand. Yes, I do have the latest version of menyoo.

  • @ricrickyboy Don't know the reason. I do know the update caused me headaches - not even sure why i kept it - for example I now need packfile mod whereas I never used one before. I'll check the handful of maps I created for personal use with Menyoo to see if they still load.

  • @JohnFromGWN I have the packlife too and the heapadjuster. Do you know a good gameconfig for map makers? I used the Dilapidated's gameconfig so I can be able to load/create maps that had many many entities. After a while the gameconfig caused crashes cause it wasn't updated anymore, but I still was able to make small maps with the default gameconfig. Now I installed the Dilapidated's one again cause I've seen it got updated, but it doesn't help me with the game crash.

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