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How can I find the native name of this function from its hash?

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    I could not find native name what this function hash belongs to. Can you please help? I would appreciate it if there is a list for it because I couldn't find it.

  • @madCo Hi. Can I ask where you found this function and do you know what it does. I tried converting it from decimal to hex but couldn't make sense of it. Have only seen decimal hashes once before but have never seen any documentation for it.

  • I want to know the native name to know what it does. I bought any mod.

    Hashes: 0x9FF447B6B6AD960A 0x3CA16652

    I found, thanks for all. @JohnFromGWN thank u for decimal to hex convert. I didn't know this.

  • @madCo Glad i could help. We both learned something, i didn't realize the natives in hex were being converted to decimal by some coders. Not even sure why unless it is more efficient to code like this? I dont see myself using signed 2 rather than plain English because i like to understand what the code is without converting from decimal to hex and then doing a search on the natives db.


    OP used a decompiler (dnSpy, dotPeek or something) on a .NET script mod. These tools sadly don't seem to contain options to display types as hexadecimal, so when you're going around trying to understand how something works or trying to edit the script, this process has to be repeated for each native hash.

    The value (including the negative sign, without the L suffix) can just be thrown into Windows' calculator, which spits out a copyable hexadecimal number.

    It can then be correlated to its name, if it has been found, by manually searching natives.h or, what I prefer to do, use a native DB with search function.

  • @ikt Thanks. Is there any advantage to use the hex or decimal hash instead of easy to understand english. I mean it's not as if we're running computers from the 80s.
    Hardly ever use Windows Calc (i do everything in excel even though that's overkill), but for this i used an online decimal to hex that had the option for signed 2.


    No reason if the native is known, but unknown natives are still shown as their (hexadecimal) hashes.

    The decompiler doesn't know the enum name things so they just show their value as numbers instead of the proper names.

  • @ikt All this makes scripting GTA5 much more interesting. You have natives in hex, natives in decimal, natives in decimal signed 2, SHVDN2 functions, SHVDN3, NativeUI, LemonUI (2 and 3), c# or C++ or vb.net or lua. Lol. Actually my scripts are sometimes a dogs breakfast because i often code by trial and error, not out of choice, because documentation is less than robust and anyone new is basically on their own.

    So i might code modkits with natives and then code a task sequence in DN3, whichever is better documented on the native db or using intellisense and meta data with VS.

    But i'm slowly amassing my own docs and snippets so i can code autonomously.

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