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Let's talk about the gameconfig issue

  • Whether you know it or not the gameconfig of F7YO and Dilapidated seems to "crash" the game not at loading but during the game. I put the word crash in quotation marks because I don't have the absolute science and that's why I created this topic. I won't talk about the reasons why and how because you can already find my experiences on an old topic just here :

    I will rather add some details to my old topic and I will appreciate the opinion of professionals.

    For further details I collected between today and my old topic, I invite you to refer to these pictures :

    As you see Razed and InfiniteQuestion affirm some values could cause the issue.
    F7YO is very difficult to contact and doesn't seem to know how to fix the problem (if there is one)
    Concerning Razed I asked him if he was going to publish his gameconfig coming with his NVE graphics mods and he doesn't seem to want to.
    However, InfiniteQuestion seems to be very active and knowledgeable from what I've seen by talking to him on his Discord server.

    So if we take into account that the problem is real, it would be nice if someone could contact F7YO (apart from the comments on his profile) to fix the problem.

    Otherwise I have discussed with InfiniteQuestion and he seems to want to come back on gta5-mods despite his ban (which I have no idea the reason why) and asked me at the same time if Reyser could revoke his ban.
    He told me to give his Discord Server link (sorry for any ads)

    If you asked me why I created a topic about that it's because that make me crazy to know the most downloaded gameconfig could crash the game without anyone know or do something.

    Thanks and sorry for my english which is not perfect.

    @F7YO @Reyser @Dilapidated


    @xgeekoo You can find the ban reason by looking at his old 5Mods account last comment: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/InfiniteQuestion
    If you want to find the full context, you just need to go to his Gameconfig mod page and read the comments writen back then in February between us.

    I don't feel like joining his Discord server to be honest. Specially not after the pearls I could read about me there...

    About him coming back to 5Mods... if you want my opinion, I wouldn't mind if wasn't because of the multiple accusations and insults (here on 5Mods, on his own Discord server back then with his friends, etc). There were other reasons for a ban not just that though. Let's say the other reasons were not taken seriously or in consideration in the ban moment.

    As you'd understand, we don't want people like that on 5Mods as it's not a constructive, helpful and/or respectful behaviour in any way. Not just for me or the other staff but for the whole community.

    If he really wants to come back respecting the site rules and moderation decisions, I suppose we can talk about it on Discord... later. Let me know something.

    Still, the unban decision (if happens) would be in consensus with the other moderators, not just me.

  • @xgeekoo What i can tell you from experience is i'm using F7YOs gameconfigs for years and after hours of playing i won't get a crash nor other stuff like freezes and whatnot.

    I'm using: NVE, LA Revo 2, Nbvisual vegetation for NVE and a lot of other shit my game is fully modded not having a problem except for textures overlapping that I fixed myself but that's because of the mods they're (NVE and LA Revo 2) not compatible.


  • @Zuraxo Set your texture quality to Very High and your Extended Scaling Distance to 100% and give me feedback.

  • I think there is a serious misconception out there that gameconfig mods are magic "one size fits all" bullets that will allow any combination and any quantity of mods on any system - all running in perfect harmony for hours on end. Not in my experience.

    First gameconfig.xml is not a modder's invention. It's a GTA5 file found in the game's common and update folders. Modders like F7YO and others do their best to tweak and fine tune this file - of course they do it on their own systems and as they say "results will vary".

    There are so many combinations of hardware, software, and mods - how would it be possible to satisfy all users.

    I'm using F7YO's previous version of the gameconfig because the new one doesn't work for me. How long does it take me to crash on my rig with the previous version? Well if I spawn one or two or 3 vehicle addons and the same number of addon peds, with RCA and Forests mods I can play for hours without crashing.

    If I spawn say 20 peds or 15 high polygon cars and even delete them in C# so that the models are no longer recognized, I'll crash in 5 to 30 minutes depending on which mods I've spawned. First I will notice a drop from 60FPS to 30 FPS, then I'll notice texture dropouts and finally it will just hang, game over.

    All that to say, it's better to try to manage your own game rather than expect a gameconfig mod perfectly suited for your rig and your mod set.

    There are many ways to mitigate crashing. Combine your packs, reduce your packs, temporarily disable some of your mods, or just be more selective as to what you install and keep.

    Game designers have a helluva challenge to manage memory allocation to different components of games with team members advocating for their fair share, and these memory constraints do not take into account modding, in fact R* unlike Valve with l4d, hl, CS, TF, etc. encouraged the community to mod and create their own levels, even supplying and supporting tools for that purpose. R* only care about their IP and online users.

  • @xgeekoo As JohnFromGWN stated above gameconfig is not magic. Different game setups, mods, add-on content, etc can cause various results. In regards to this, https://imgur.com/a/yRAZCDV I don't use NVE but someone who does recently as of this week tested exactly what razed said and did not crash using my gameconfig. Have you tested this yourself or did you just take his word for it? The whole two values comment without providing context doesn't help. All the pools raised were done so with purpose and I have even commented on lines within gameconfig for the purpose of helping others. Unless there's something specific in NVE that I'm unaware of and due to not being able to reproduce using the exact steps given to test I can only conclude he is mistaken.

  • @Dilapidated Did the person tried with Texture Quality set to Very High and Extended Distance Scaling at 100% ? I tired with your gameconfig with these settings and my game still crashing with NVE.

  • @Dilapidated Two comments to add to this discussion. First a thank you to modders like yourself who give their time and expertise freely despite the ungrateful feedback you unfortunately receive from users who would not even be able to play a modded game without your tools and contributions,.

    Secondly, ill take this opportunity to share what happened to my game yesterday, to illustrate that modifying GTA5 is part art, part science, and lots of experimenting. So, i decided to start a new game and i never got past 10 seconds into the loading screen. CTD, crash to desktop.

    I can't explain that and the cause and fix certainly weren't obvious. I renamed my mods folder and restarted the game without mods but with my trainer and lemonui scripts intact.

    All that to say, community members should stop whining when their particular combo of hardware, software, and multiple mods won't run like a swiss watch, and most importantly stop criticizing the modders who don't owe us anything - we owe them, not the other way around.

    Ill fix my new and unexpected system issue when im up to it, like i always do, and in the process ill take full responsibility, not putting any blame on anyone except myself if it crashes.

  • Well, my game does not crash with Razed's gameconfig around the same area. I crash to desktop using Dilapidated's gameconfig and it crashes in the same area (Downtown area).

  • @xgeekoo With the addition of increasing textures to very high and extended distance scaling at 100% it then crashed. The difference in settings apparently makes all the difference and explains the variation in results. So based on the information and the location provided in the test I have a fix. Please confirm this resolves your issue:

    Use my gameconfig and change the following values:

                            <PoolSize value="600"/>
                            <PoolSize value="60000"/>

    Then retest using the method discussed in addition to textures at very high and extended distance scaling at 100%.

    Let me know your results.

  • What i found really interesting in this thread is that other than the NVE mod being installed, there are absolutely no specific details provided.

    I could install NVE, which I never will, and crash my game on demand just by spawning, say 20 high polygon count cars, one after the other.

    So my conclusion would then be NVE and my gameconfig file were the cause?

    What if it is addons peds crashing the game or addon vehicles or addon maps or addon tools or addon scripts or bad drivers, or bad memory chips or a crap HDD or an outdated GPU or a combination of all the above?

    And instead of pushing distance scaling to the max, has anyone considered just tweaking their visualsettings.dat? There is a damn good reason for LODs but users seem to forget all about that as they install hundreds if not thousands of addons and replaces.

    If you really want to run GTA5 fully loaded, contrary to what the game developers intended, just invest in a 64 Core Threadripper CPU ($3000 to $6000) and a 3090 card. While at it, go for 128GB of RAM and game should run ok maxed out.

    For the rest of us, be selective in what you install and be responsible for your crashes - because it is 100% our own fault when we do crash the game for pushing it well beyond its limits.

  • @Dilapidated I tried everything and with your new values my game doesn't crash even with huge graphics mods and high poly/textures vehicles models. Thanks !

  • @xgeekoo Thank you for confirming this resolved the issue! I'll do some more research related to these values specifically when it comes to very high textures and expanded distance settings. Once done I'll update my gameconfig and share with the community so to hopefully help others who may encounter this issue.

  • oh so razed was right about the two values. i'll continue to use his gameconfig.

  • @Seath1337 Actually as it turns out only 1 value was the culprit (the Building pool only) and that value also does not need to be set to vanilla, its max is 66025 with NVE. Oddly no other mods have issues with this value being higher. You can let Razed know I commented this in the config to help fellow NVE users in the future. The gameconfig is updated and can be found here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated

    @xgeekoo Do you mind testing and confirming?

  • @Dilapidated I tried with NVE and it work fine. Otherwise my game seem still crashing with huges vehicles. I haven't done enough try to confirm but it seems that the game has more tendency to crash with your gameconfig caused by huges vehicles causing texture loss with the same settings (Texture Quality and Extended Distance Scaling to max).

    For the example I used Ripple's legacy pack : https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/25892-els-lspd-legacy-pack/
    In game I simply spawned all the vehicles on the list (from the dlc add-on pack only) and if I wait 5-15 minutes while staying close to the vehicles the game seems to close automatically.

    I will retry without and with different custom gameconfig and be back to you with my personnal result. If you know somes values I could change I will be right back to you with your news values.

  • @xgeekoo Apologies for the late response, I have a few ideas you could try to find the cause. Download this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/poolmanager-dilapidated and in your ini options set LogPercentUsageWarning = 1 Run the game as normal and reproduce the crash. You may get a pop-up but even if you don't check your PoolManager_UsageWarning.log it produces and post it here/pastebin it.

  • @Dilapidated Just wanted to add another comment regarding the fact that these mods are not one size fits all. After the Tuner update my system crashed with F7YO's version. It also crashed when he updated it. So I switched to yours and it was better but not perfect. Then you updated it and I found I needed to add the packfile for the very first time. It still crashed. Finally I added the other heap adjuster, which is outdated, and that was it. Perfect. So that's the combo that worked for me (over 400 addons).

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