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How to change name of Online Vehicles in Single Player (SP)

  • Hi Guys, I thought of trying to make my game look as realistic as possible, one of the steps being that all cars are real cars/what they are meant to look like, here is my problem, I want to replace the Elegy Retro Custom (Online Vehicle) with a replacment R33 mod. But I can't figure out how to change the name of it to Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R, instead of Elegy Retro Custom. I would love if someone helped out! (Just wanted to make it clear I will not be going online with these mods I just want the cars to be right!)

  • @peadar change the "Elegy Retro Custom" to the desired name in the (american) global.gxt2 in mpimportexport https://imgur.com/a/bUOxBaB

    here's a tutorial on how to edit gxt2/oxt files

  • @drlq99 Thanks!

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