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Weapons addon

  • Is there any mod for adding weapons without replacing a weapon because I want to try different weapons mod. many weapons mod replaces the same weapon such as many weapon mods replaces hatchet how can I use two weapons at the same time which replaces hatchet.If there isn't any someone pls make it. Just copy hatchet's files and replace the name with the addon's weapon name and make an addon dlc. Is it possible??

  • @Usman2002 its possible and there is some addon weapons already


  • This post is deleted!

  • @Zuraxo I know
    My point is
    There is a katana mod that replaces hatchet
    And Thor's stormbreaker mod also replaces hatchet
    Both weapons require hatchet animations and movement
    So copy hatchet files or modify them According to the weapon requirements
    And make a dlc to add both weapons stormbreaker and katana
    Such as there are addon ped and addon props mods

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