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[Question] Notepad for GTA V (RageMP)

  • Hello everyone. I am a foreign language user. Therefore, I immediately apologize for my broken English.

    Remember, there was a "Notepad"modification in the SAMP. It was possible to record any information there and watch it directly in the game. So, is there no such analogy with GTA 5?

    I also remember that a long time ago I created dialogues through AHK in SAMP. I entered the desired value, I opened a page for the specified value with the necessary information that I entered in advance. Roughly speaking, I enter a value or click on the line: "Jurisdiction". And then there is an open window with text information that I entered before. In addition to one line, there are others.

    Is this possible in GTA 5? Thanks. I apologize again for the English.

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