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Main Character Voice

  • Im wondering if its possible to change the voice of 1 of the main characters to lets say a females

  • Yes its possible, but not fully functional, i made a script(for my characters model) that mute Franklin voice(doesnt work on cutscenes) and i replaced ambient speeches and pain sounds, so now character sounds like female.I think i will release it with "sessanta replace franklin" mod, dont know when but its comming.

  • You want them to automaticly talk or do you want this


    This can change Michael and Franklin but not Trevor you can also use this for peds but the problem is that you have to press E to make them talk if your on pc, press right on the d pad if on controller.

  • @mlgpapas131 Actually you can use this with Trevor - that's how I play and in fact you can basically use it with any or most models as long as you name the folder correctly.

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