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Character walking to the left by itself

  • Even with vanilla gta, idk why but my character ie Franklin Michael or trevors faces and walks to the left by themself, EVEN IF I DISCONNECT MY KEYBOARD IT STILL WALKS ON ITS OWN.

    I tried suicide, changing characters, nothing.


  • you can try pressing "a" or move them to the left with your controller. It sometimes happens to me when I still press the button while pressing "P" (to pause the game). Ultimately if it doesn't help you can try restarting the game. Hope this helps :)

  • Ayt ill give it a try. But i dont have a controller on, and even if i disconnect the keyboard it still moves. Very weird

  • @Shieldsver go into notepad and hit the a key to see if you get 1 a or aaaaaaaaa
    Kb might be sticking?

  • @JohnFromGWN not at all. In fact, when rockstar launcher initiates, my cursor starts drifting to the left. What is this sorcery

  • @Shieldsver It's possible your game is possessed. Do you have any exorcists in your area?
    P.S. When you said you tried suicide, honestly it's not worth taking your own life for a game.

  • @Shieldsver You don't have a controller on - but have you ever had a controller, joystick, wheel, or gamepad on your PC - check your device manager for possible conflicts if you did.

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