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Can I place a light using menyoo ?

  • Im building a RV using Menyoo's SpoonerDB , I want to place a light inside the rv , I tried spawning light props like bulbs and stuff but it doesn't give light it's just the object without light .. Is there anyway I can spawn somthing that lights up ? Like actual light source

  • @JohnCale Is this just for story mode/sandbox or are you making a movie? I've never spawned a light object in Menyoo, just visual lighting effects. So you might be SOL if it's just for your RV. Or just try different props, I know the campfire works but it would damage your RV. JK.

    Here are the light related objects:

    On the other hand, if you want to make a movie? I know scene director (no longer supported) had lighting and someone has created an update to that lighting component which is being used currently at least by some of this community.


    Or try scripting? There are draw light functions but TBH I'm not sure how they work, never tried them.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks a lot mahn ❤️❤️

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