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My mod order after scripthookupdate what does work on my not so great laptop

  • after lots unable to load game i planning not making menyoo to heavy
    so these are oiv
    (just maybe for a beach alter if i find static
    i found 7a79b8-enchanted 1.4 beach by daniel 7111 bur this oiv did disapeared LA_ROADS in dlslist file you can retyp)

    my orderlist:

      • ScriptHookV_1.0.2372.0
        MenyooSP f8
        script map
        mod map
        687a10-VisualV 1.0.520 (see no change)
        Real _ads _v_0.4
        d14f2f-Milka Billboard
        Real Airport V V2.06
        Real Billboards V 9.9 Open IV Package Install files
        1ebd52-Real Shops in Downtown v.1.0
        c56037-Anglosphere Bikini Pack V1.0
        f94ec8-citylights1_3 //need change in config 4000 to 6000 orso
        L.A Vegetation

    not oiv

    • Real Life Venice Beach v.1.0
      b92d36-RCA-Real California Architecture
      f858d5-Rmod_Customs_Lamborghini_Centenario 1.4

    next hollywood not oiv

    • 51b64f-Hollywood sign
      43701b-Hollywood Skin für Tourbus
      f4ca07-HollywoodWOF on store


    5e45c0-mc_donalds_add_on beachhut
    9ef28d-MCDO STAND
    758a89-Mcdonalds venice eatstackcorner
    f268fb-KFC GTA V
    fb52d9-Renault Master McDonald FoodTruck
    f22192-McDonalds and A&W

    (here game starts not handling fluid)


    • 4a35b6-benson-fctruck
      150f42-KFC VAN


    • 1aa20d-Beta Kinky Nudes By RoseCreattionsYT V7
      e2920e-Stark Mansion by JDeezNutz


    • 79b8-enchanted 1.4

    beach by daniel 7111not worth it takes list item out of dlclist text

    • la roads

    *Real California Architecture

    out of the xml list

    • Back To The Future - Delorean Time Machine (3 Car Pack) 1.0 Report

    lol after delete beach menyoo mod because it cancelout my mods the mods i reinstalled
    and sudenly beach rocks and trees are back from beach mod and rest staye even list

    Enable All Interiors (WIP)... tuner fix eai
    truck skins

    890362-V Remastered World 2.0b
    d8498d-Enhanced Native Trainer Update 48 f4
    77c369-SitAnywhere v1.3 e or sticks

    0d7099-SPA_2.0.5 houses garages
    5d4883-Persistence2_1.6 save vehicles
    9f8f3b-PullMeOver_2.0.1 holdup
    57b7e7-ImpromptuRaces1.8c race any car
    Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4 [Add-On/OIV] 1.4

    adding Dubai did removed sparkmansion
    adding Cayo south

    upto SFLV Ihope this laptop wil not explode

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