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Buzzards and Annihilators Not Using Mounted Guns

  • I've begun to edit dispatch.meta a lot, to the point where I have multiple dispatch.meta for what I want (lore-friendly, Military at 5 stars, LSPD/LSSD only, snow vehicles, etc.) the point where I have one for Cayo Perico.

    However, something that bugs me greatly is the fact that whenever Buzzards/Annihilators are spawned, their pilots refuse to use the mounted guns on the vehicle. The men on the side shoot just fine.

    I have made many attempts to circumvent this, all of which do not work.
    Editing loadouts.meta to force helicopter units to not be forced to use their Carbine Rifle does nothing (In El Rubio's Security's case, they run away).
    Changing traits about the peds or their combat types does nothing.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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