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Need help figuring out an issue with a Lateral G force meter popping up.

  • I am running the latest version of GTAV steam version 1.57 with NVE, Menyoo trainer and all prerequisites working perfectly fine, but when I press A on my xbox one controller this info pops up above my car. https://imgur.com/gallery/6KVobn2 It pops up even when not currently inside of a vehicle, hovering above the one I was just in till I get into a new car.

    If anyone knows what mod causes this and a way to disable it from my controller, I would be really appreciated.
    Thank you.

    (image of the asi's I have in my gta 5 directory and scripts folder mods are in the imgur link, below the first image)

  • @WGotch07 Thank you so much!

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