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GTA V Won't Load up

  • Hello!

    So the title says it all really but, when I try to load up GTA it wont load. It loads seemingly all the way and then right before its finished the game crashes.

    I've been going a little mod-happy with add-on cars lately so im assuming thats why its crashing, because before I downloaded a lot of these cars I wasn't having any issues, but all in all I have 52 add-on cars and I've seen plenty of people with over 100 or even hundreds so I feel like I should probably be fine with 52 no?

    I've tried doing the latest gameconfig, heap adjuster and one other adjuster thing but none of those seemed to have fixed the issue for me.

    Any ideas?

    I really don't want to delete all the cars, as that's the main reason I even got into all of this was for the ability to have these cars in the game.

    Also I don't think its much of a computing power issue, my laptop is fairly powerful and I have zero other programs open or running.

    Appreciate any help I can get :)

  • @astefanidis1 Sure you can play around with different gameconfigs etc but I would suggest you check the last few mods you added - possible bad model, mod conflict, etc. Does your game load without mods? If not do a verify integrity and also check for a corrupt save game file.

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