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File location of the red and black filled duffel bag.

  • So ive customised alot of stuff for my character on an RP server im on but i want to change the texture on the red duffel bag so it resembles an EMS one. i just cant find the file location for it to change the texture.

    is anyone able to assist?

    alt text

  • @Jakob4800
    Step 1: identify the name of the bag. You can do this with a trainer, codewalker, or do a google search on props/objects in GTA5.
    Suppose the bag is something like prop_big_bag_01 - i have no idea what the name is, just an example.

    Step 2. If you are planning to change the textures, will assume your game is modded and you have OpenIV installed. Run OpenIV and at the top right you will see a search box. Enter the name of your prop in that search box and, if you did it right, you will see your object appear in the search box.

    From there you can export the texture from a .ydr file, modify it, reimport it. Done.

    Remember to click search all archives and then go to file when you have the right one.

    I think this is your prop. In passing it already has texture variations. This is the game version, copy to mods if you want to change.



  • Thank you for your help, i understand the basics of codewalker to get object ID's but not exactly sure how to get the names of clothing items. is there perhaps a tutorial on it?

  • @Jakob4800 I wrote the name of the bag at the end of my post and the steps to get there. Didn't read it? :) JK

    I used Menyoo, hit F9 to get into the proper spooner mode, and then i typed in bag (you have to try different key words). This allows you to visualize different bags, or objects, without having to spawn them, just preview them. I think the bag came up very quickly and I was able to capture its name. From there you do a search in OpenIV.

    This site can be useful but I'm not sure it has been updated or if it's complete.

    If you are now asking about clothing items, you need to find the texture files for your specific model and edit the .ytd which are the texture files. You can probably find tons of tutorials on google.

    Actually what you could do is download some clothes mods and look at the instructions - you don't need to install them, just look at the instructions. Depending on whether it is Michael, Franklin, or Trevor (Players 0, 1, 2) you will see where their clothe textures are located. Same for MP male and female.
    For example, a baseball cap:


    For addon peds this is super simple. You will have the ytd file in the mod folder (usually 3 or 4 files). Once installed that's the file to edit.

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