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Add-on Ambulance

  • Hello, I download the freightliner pack from Medic4523 from here https://modification-universe.com/forums/resources/freightliner-pack.49/ Now I already replaced the standard ambulance in the game and replaced it with a dodge ambulance, I have also added a Ford E450 ambulance, both work. Now I want to add a freightliner ambulance, so I do exactly the same as with the ford, I install the files in xmas2 dlc, I added the data to vehicles meta and carvariations meta. There are no interior files so I have not changed those, was not necessary for the Ford either. When I start the game it starts normally, I can spawn the dodge and ford ambulance but not the freightliner. I use simple trainer to spawn by model name and it says that it has been spawned but it does not show up in game, you don't see anything, no matter how many times you try to spawn it nothing shows up. I would really like to add another ambulance so I would appreciate the help. I have added a coroner speedo, a mercedes s63w222 and a new tahoe, they all work perfectly exept for the ambulance. I have a gameconfig installed for my version, as well as a heap limit adjuster and pack limit adjuster. If anybody could help me it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • @Evandj Don't see any relationship between a vehicle spawning and your gameconfig file etc. Sounds more like an installation issue.

    Is this mod the same?


    If so can use it or its components?

  • I think it's the same but the file that it links to has been removed. I didn't think it had to to do with the gameconfig because all the other add on vehicles work. It's really weird, I copied all the data I need it just doesn't work, I download the pack from here https://modification-universe.com/forums/resources/freightliner-pack.49/ and the vehicle meta and carvariotion data I use comes from this https://modification-universe.com/forums/resources/mbm4523-dlc-pack.327/ In the freightliner pack the ambulance is called medic4 so I copy the vehicle meta and carvariation data for medic4, I checked everything to make sure I didn't forget any brackets or something and everything is as it should be, my game boots fine it's just this one vehicle I can't spawn, no idea why.

  • @Evandj Link works fine, try again.

  • I meant the link to the vehicle itself, the link for the skin works, I downloaded it.

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