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Help me gta 5 crashes after few minutes

  • Hello i have a heavy modded gta 5 with NVE, QuantV, L.A. REVO, about 1900 addon cars, SPA II (although after adding SPA II i noticed a higher occurance in faster crashes). Even before SPA II i still had some gameplay crashes but not as fast occuring.

    EDIT: Seems like deleting SPA II Mod makes my game not crash after 2 minutes, but i really want to play with SPA II too... any help with that?????

  • @DvDRoMDvD Are you running a $6000 threadripper? Can't even imagine how your system can handle that.
    Also exercise caution when posting logs with your id and other information in your command line.

  • i dropped the link then, no, my pc is very modest, running at 2k with 1070 ti and a ryzen 1700... it struggles, don't imagine any 60 fps any time soon, but i really enjoy the game and i don't require 60 fps constantly to enjoy a beautiful single player game. Sometimes 40-42 fps, sometimes dips to 30 something and few times goes to even 50 fps

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