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How to replace NPC cars?

  • Are there any packs that replace AI cars? I've seen some videos from youtube and AI's be driving nice cars likes buggatis, lexus, etc...

  • Yo!

    There are some packs.Just search ´´Packs`` in the car category or for example search on youtube: Games&Graphics Gta car pack. He shows how to install a pack with over 200 cars or something. But it can drop your fps, just sayin.

  • @Fantaztikk yup I've seen that same guy, I did the same thing but it won't work anyhow thanks tho.

  • The AI traffic is defined by the popgroups.ymt file in your update.rpf folder. That needs to be replaced or modified to use any addon vehicles. Many of these showcase videos that have all traffic as real cars simply use replace files instead of addon, meaning they wont need to change the popgroups.

    With many of these real vehicles, they don't include LODs, which are low poly models designed to be rendered at a distance that they can't be seen properly. Without them, the game will be trying to render Hundreds of high-poly vehicles, very quickly going over the allocated memory available, and causing a crash.

  • You just don't use add-on cars in traffic just don't they're just to big in file size and WILL crash your game sooner or later (not all add-ons)

    I have some good experience with 5real (payed and replace) as they also optimised the files for the cars.


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