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How to Change Wheel Colors on Add-On Cars?

  • I have many add-on cars that work great, except many of them have a default 'silver' color and the wheel colors don't seem to change when I try to change the 'wheel color' option using Simple Trainer.

    An example is the Porsche Carrera GT mod here - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2003-porsche-carrera-gt-980

    I want to have black wheels (or whatever colors for the rims) so what file/setting do I have to edit/change to do this? I was looking in carvariations.meta and the mod has only four numbers like below:

    <indices content="char_array">

    Any help?

  • @Suzerain001 The wheels need a vehicle paint shader applied in order to change colors, which can only be done in zmodeler3 or 3dsmax and the vehicle would have to be unlocked. You could also look in the vehicles .ytd file and change the color of the wheel texture

  • @Suzerain001 Or the carcols.meta has two identical ids where you need to change one of them.


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