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ERRORS possibly fixes

  • Hey im noob in modding but im doing the mega-map.
    I got isseus with bridges ,water and Liberty city but i scipt it for now
    Now and them i add little mods adds on to map and some cancelling the other maps out but
    than you can install little mods again as not at same placeholder as the one that did cancel it out.
    Firts do the big once
    With big changes always make a copy of your game map but rename it as ....V - copy

    Most mod instal commes with scripthooks outdated aswel as gameconfigs.

    So if errors etc just update scripthook and gameconfog again. mostly will do.

    cayo perico
    san fiero san andreas

    ls and vc tomorrow gonna try

    venus mansion
    LLA roads
    california architecture
    losangeles vegetation
    real ads
    water 4k
    venice beach
    milka ad
    menyoo stuff is too much for my thing so i dont do this much

    I only got an asus tuf 504

    Sorry for my Chinese

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