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Simple Trainer Issue

  • Recently wanted to play Gta V again. Since it’s already downloaded in my hardrive I figured I could just play. But after updating everything again I lost all progress and have to restart and I was going to anyways but now the simple trainer is not working I press F3,F4,F5 etc nothing happens. It is modded but everything works but the simple trainer and I have all the updates of script hook game config etc. This Is a new Pc Alienware M15 so I know the game plays. Can anyone help?

  • @Xmr47X reinstall scripthook and scripthookdotnet

  • @OneMinuteYT Why scipthookdonet? Simple Trainer doesn't need it.

  • @JohnFromGWN because F3 and F4 doesn't do anything so both his scripthookdotnet and scripthook doesn't work

  • @OneMinuteYT Ok, but a modded game will not load without the correct version of SH, so unless his game is not modded (and OP says it is) it's not an issue with SH right? Unless I'm misreading, he says his mods are working except for Simple Trainer. Or do none of his mods work?

    Secondly, his issue is with Simple Trainer which AFAIK doesn't use SHVDN.

    Also, the loss of all his progress points to a problem with his save game file - either cloud or locally or both.

    So I think we're missing some important info here.

  • @OneMinuteYT Only thing we know for sure is that something changed in OP's environment. Could be the Tuner update. Need more info.
    He does say he upgraded everything - so that is likely the change that broke something. It's always our fault, no matter how much we would like to blame the game.

  • I’ll try to reinstall scripthook V

  • @Xmr47X not from this site and don't install the native trainer packaged with it.

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