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Invalid Model when spawing cars (1315 cars pack)

  • I installed this mod to a clean version, the installation description says just copy the whole folder into the game directory.
    So I did it and when I am in-game and try to spawn any of the DLC cars it all says "invalid model".
    I googled and saw a missing name in the "dlclist" is often the problem here but the DLC list is included from the mod files, so there is no name missing I also checked it and it looks like it should be so I am clueless.

    Does anybody have an idea what the problem might be?

  • @thexxy I've never seen a vehicle mod that is installed in the game folder. Can you provide the link. In passing, the dlclist doesn't point to the game folder, it points to the dlcpacks folder. You can create subfolders, go deeper, but not into the games installation/root folder.


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