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Gameconfig for limitless cars (DLC etc) broken after messing with saves and now showing only about 6-10 different vehicles

  • Hi guys, I'm new here and I have a problem that I believe I caused.
    Alright so the gameconfig WORKED before but I think I know why it stopped working, I just don't know how to fix it. I have a couple of mods 1. World of variety 2. NVE 3. Better chases 4. Pull me over and 5. Stolen. And yes, before you ask, I have the heap adjuster and scripthook blah blah all of that. World of variety is supposed to change up how spawning cars works by spawning more variable cars etc etc. Everything was fine until I used the 1.6% save from the world of variety folder, after I used this all the cars suddenly became the same and the traffic and peds seem to be stock ( I had it at 3.5% traffic and 3.5% peds). I made a new save and the problem still persists, do I need to scrap my mods and start fresh?

  • @Raft18 ok, so everything was fine until you switched files? How about reverting to the file that did work? Or are we missing something here? Drag and drop the version that worked in openiv and it will replace the current one. No? If its some kind of save issue try removing the wov mod, see if things are back to normal, and then revert back to the mod with the file that worked.

    If it doesn't solve the issue, identify the rpf used by the wov mod and copy over the game version to the mods folder. This might impact some other mods if the were in the same rpf in which case you reinstall them.

    Make sure you are in edit mode when in openiv to ensure a drag and drop works because openiv will not give u a notification that files were successfully copied.

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