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Same 4 cars everywhere. (Bug)

  • Whenever I'm playing as Trevor, I can only see the same 4 Cars no matter where I am around the map. The same issue happened on another save with Michael instead and I had to a start up a new save. I don't want to lose another save. I have tried deleting the cache and loading up old backup saves but the problem persists. Any solutions? I'm tired of only being able to steal the same boring SUVs everywhere. The only mod installed is Simple Trainer.

  • @Gardee568
    You might try backing up & then deleting 'cfg.dat' & 'pc_settings.bin' out of where they are sitting.
    New 100% fresh ones will be recreated on launching GTA V, but back them up first, just in case.

    Search your C: drive for them. You'll find both files in the same Rockstar/Socialclub related folder, usually where your save files are.

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