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creating a custom engine acceleration sound

  • Hi,
    i'm trying to replace the banshee engine sounds ingame with original Viper RT 10 engine sounds.
    the new engine sounds, i created are working all fine except the acceleration. i kept all settings like in the original acceleration sound file (like in the other sound files, where it worked that way), but the new acceleration sounds always sound like crap ingame.
    I tried several different filters, effects and other settings to see the effect ingane, but no matter what i do, it always sound like crap ingame.

    is it even possible to create new custom acceleration sounds for gta 5 and is there a guide on what has to be done to get it working properly ingame?
    here's a link to the files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1olABcx3uBICBA1NWKv2omS5Ze3Rfe8Kd/view?usp=sharing

    Thank you for your Help

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