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GTA Crashing when mod is used, in the middle of the gameplay.

  • Hi, I am currently running the most current version of the game (Epic Games) and I believe that I am having problems with mods like Iron Man, Flash, Thor, and Spiderman (@JulioNIB 's ones.) I already personally asked the developer about this issue, but he only mentioned a potential problem with peds and claimed that he does not know much about this issue. I also have some additional add-on cars. I tried disabling all the mods, and it worked. I tried not using those hero mods, and it didn't crash either. Just that whenever I try to use those mods, the game crashes either right away, or after a few minutes. So I was wondering whether if there are any problems with the mod itself, or the script, or the ped files. I have no idea. I already removed so many mods and peds to make this work. Would you please help me?

  • @eSeicH You've already identified that these mods crash your system and the developer can't help you. So uninstall them, and then reinstall one at a time to see if they are all crashing or just some of them. Check the comments sections also, on the mod pages, to see the issues and potential fixes from other users.

  • @eSeicH Car mods tend to crash the game often. You should probably remove them if you want to ensure less crashes or install gameconfig and heapfile limit adjuster

  • I heard the epic games version has difficulty with modding in general, get the steam version or R* version

  • @M8T Actually I have close to 200 addon cars and another 200 addon peds - system is very stable. The problems I've seen here are most often due to poorly written or outdated scripts, mod conflicts, and huge MLOs and ENBs.

    I think the biggest user issue with troubleshooting is that it is rarely done systematically. The only foolproof way, other than just plan luck or fluke, is to remove all mods and then add them back one by one until you find the one or ones that are breaking your system. The other key factor is your choice of gameconfig. What works for my setup won't work for yours necessarily and vice versa. I've had to, not by choice, change my gameconfig 3 or 4 times this year and I had to add the packfile mod for the first time ever to get my system stable.

    So for the OP, uninstall all, add them back one by one.

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