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Saving certain cars to Menyoo seems to break them.

  • Saving certain Add-On cars in Menyoo seems to break them for some reason. There was Bentley Continental GT mod that when saved and respawned, the doors would be messed up, or the undercarriage would be upside down. There's a Mini John Cooper Works that when saved, the door windows are underneath the doors floating. There's a BMW Z4 M40i that when saved, the hood on the front is all messed up.

    How do I fix these? It seems to affect specific car mods.

  • @mrwallace888 Menyoo doesn't break anything. What you have are poorly constructed models. To fix them can be annoying because the fix is not always obvious. I have addon vehicles that spawn without wheels, without a chassis, a motorcycle that spawns without its frame. You need to identify the screwed up component. Usually I start with the extras, but depending on your issue it might be the roof, suspension, chassis, etc.

    Because some developers are sloppy as hell, a roof fix might be under suspension. You see a similar issue with addon peds where changing the head might change the model's shirt!

    Once you have the fix you can manually edit the Menyoo xml file in notepad with the corrected values, or if you script, you do this in your script (which is how i spawn all my peds and vehicles).

  • The cars will always spawn fine when I do it directly from the spawner. It’s only when I save the vehicle and spawn it from the saved vehicles list that the car has issues. But if this fixes it, using tuning parts, like let’s say changing the suspension will fix it, am I now stuck using that suspension instead of stock?

  • @mrwallace888 You should be fine selecting whatever you want. In my example of the motorcycle that spawns without a frame, the fix was to remove the spoiler. Obviously bikes don't have spoilers but somehow the creator had screwed that up big time. Another solution is to go into OpenIV and fix the files there, either correcting errors or settings default parameters for spawn. For example if one of the color variations sucks, remove it, same for extras, liveries etc

  • @JohnFromGWN I don't think this is the case, honestly. Changing tuning parts and extras does nothing when this bug occurs.

    Every time I spawn a saved car the broken things will apply the same every time until I restart. So for example every time I spawn my saved BMW M40i, on first game run the car's hood is severely misplaced. On the second run, the door windows were detached and floating in weird positions in mid-air.

    Or like I tried the Bentley mod and when spawning a saved one before, it would have the undercarriage part of the model be upside down and above the car. On the next game start, spawning the car has a fucked-up driver's side door. Another time, it's the trunk.

    Cars I know that achieve this (essentially, spawn the car, do whatever to it, then save it in your Saved Vehicles in Menyoo. Try restarting first also just in case, I don't know if it occurs until after you restart or not, and then go to Saved Vehicles and spawn it in):
    MINI John Cooper Works
    Bentley Continental GT
    BMW Z4 M40i

  • This post is deleted!

  • @mrwallace888
    So I reproduced the issue, or a similar issue, that you are experiencing when spawning with a Menyoo saved vehicle. In this case the car spawned ok but when I went into the Extras to add the roof that's when the window glitch appeared. At that point it is permanent I think for the session.

    UPDATE: Issue has nothing to do with Menyoo saved file. It can be reproduced by hitting H to animate the roof which unfortunately is not animated. Bug appears to be due to the fact that the creator included the animation from the surano model in his files.

    <animConvRoofDictName>va_surano</animConvRoofDictName> <animConvRoofName>roof</animConvRoofName> <animConvRoofWindowsAffected>

    alt text

  • @mrwallace888 UPDATE
    I can reproduce this issue without spawning from a saved Menyoo file. You said everything is fine when you do a regular spawn?

    Try this. I spawned the car the regular way, through vehicle spawner (not a saved xml file) and then i hit the H key for the roof animation (it uses the surano animation).

    The windows popped out! You might have to hold the H key/ release to get the bug.

    Hitting H puts them back in place. So this is clearly a bug with the model's animation. I don't have the surano in my mods folder, only the game folder, but that shouldn't cause the issue?

    So a workaround fix might be to keep hitting the H key until the windows disappear. Since the animation doesn't appear to bring the roof down, maybe removing the animation tags or editing them will fix it permanently - vehicles.meta

  • @mrwallace888 Ok this works for me and hopefully will fix the BMW Z4 issue. I don't know about the other cars but possibly the issues are similar.

    You need to remove the following lines from vehicles.meta:

    Now the H key will just act on the headlights rather than open/close a roof that was never animated. I tried this with saved Menyoo files as well. Works for me.


    There is one thing that really bothers me. You had this problem and I was able to recreate it as well, but when you go the comments page for that mod not a single person reported it, yet many reported they wanted an animated roof so likely they mashed the H key. If they did, they should have gotten the same bug we both did. :(

  • @JohnFromGWN Yep yep it fixed it for me. It was also why the Mini and Bentley were broken too! Also didn't notice you're the same guy in that comment on the modpage lol.

    In the meantime, do you know anything regarding having the windows be toggled with the roof when the roof is an extra? That way when the roof extra is down/removed, the windows disappear? Wanted188's convertible Cudas do it. I can't use any scripts that roll windows down as my car has invincibility and will repair itself when it crashes.

  • @mrwallace888 i would strongly recommend you look into scripting to spawn your vehicles consistently and exactly the way you want them. The more addons you install the more you realize how many are flawed, either the models themselves or all the assorted data files. You also realize the different skillsets required to create or more often convert a mod. You need the 3d modeling skills including mapping the textures as well as the knowledge to have the car handle properly, allow for extras and customizations, and package the creation. Too many creators just copy and paste crap, possibly in a rush to complete their models.

    Thats why you really appreciate how some modders do everything properly and follow standards. For the broken models i do my best to fix whatever i can in the data files and/or ensure they spawn correctly by doing the fixes in C# like the motorcycle with the missing frame because the creator made it a spoiler. When i can't fix them, they get deleted, but that rarely happens and you learn lots in the process.

  • Well I'm able to just do stuff like edit .metas and .xmls and stuff since it's just something I can open in OpenIV or Notepad++, that stuff's easy. So like editing tunings and stuff is easy to do.

  • @mrwallace888 well thats where you can apply the fixes then. I rarely edit the files except as a last resort because if i download an updated version it will likely have the same crap.

  • @JohnFromGWN Do you know how to fix what I mentioned though?

    In the meantime, do you know anything regarding having the windows be toggled with the roof when the roof is an extra? That way when the roof extra is down/removed, the windows disappear? Wanted188's convertible Cudas do it.

    Is it a text file somewhere I can edit or is it defined by the model itself?

  • @mrwallace888 im not sure i understand the issue, you want the windows up or down when the roof is down? What about when the roof is up? And are you trying to animate the windows. The lines i removed impacted the windows as well?

  • @JohnFromGWN @mrwallace888
    v1.5.0 of Menyoo released a few days ago.
    Make sure you are both using the same version/see if it has the same issues etc :thumbsup:

    Think it is the same version as the ci.appveyor.com link in Reyser's pinned comment (file modification date on all Menyoo files is ~4hrs later on Github, so probably best taking that one)


        Updated compatibility for 1.0.2372.0
        Updated EnableBlockedMpVehiclesInSp
        Updated SetPlayerHeight
        Updated SetVehicleBoostState
        Updated GetVehicleBoostChargePtr
        Updated PedList
        Updated VehicleList
        Updated PedAnimList
        Updated PedDecalOverlays (tattoos up to Cayo Perico Heist update)
        Added Track wheels category
        Reintroduced FiveM compatibility*
        Repairing a vehicle now keeps the open windows open <!-- possibly related? -->
        Bugfix: PatrolInRange task did not have position coordinates
        Bugfix: Reloading Menyoo using ScriptHookV shortcut resulted in an exception

  • @a63nt-5m1th Well that's good news, Mafin is alive and still kicking. Thanks for sharing.

    I think the link was changed because I remember following it not too long ago and it was to a Menyoo fork, not one by Mafin. The link has now been updated in appears, because it clearly gives the authors name and was released 2 days ago.

    I don't use that particular mod and I don't use Menyoo to spawn entities, I have my own LemonUI menu, but hopefully it will fix the issue for mrwallace888 and others.

    Going to install it. Thanks again.

  • @JohnFromGWN Well with the Plymouth mod for example, the windows are up and down depending on the roof extra being toggled. I wanted to do that with the BMW Z4 so that when the roof extra is removed the windows go down instead of up, and then goes up when the extra is enabled.

  • @mrwallace888 Did you try with the new version of Menyoo. I don't have the models installed, so let me know.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah he added that because I suggested it but the windows still come back.

  • @mrwallace888 you can still open or close them from menyoo customs, right?

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah but since I use vehicle invincibility it auto-repairs the vehicle when I crash, and it closes the windows again.

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